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It’s important to get the best service at the right price. You’ll want the best quote possible after deciding to use an architect or designer to work on the design and structure of your new building or add on.

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The architects and designers will not only provide excellent plans, but will also ensure you get the most competitive price around. With innovative, unique and elegant designs, your new structure will stand out as one of a kind.

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We pride ourselves on the fact that we appreciate and honour every inquiry or query. You will get an automated response within seconds and get a direct response from us within a few hours. We ensure that professionals referred to you are best suited for your needs and follow up on them for excellent service. We don’t just forget you the moment that one need is met; we keep in touch regularly with you and give you market and industry trends and updates frequently.


We aim to do everything right and give you the highest standard of services ever, so knowledge of this industry is paramount, and that helps us in choosing professionals we offer to you, our customers. By giving you three quotes, we will ensure it is competitive, and you will get the best price.


We go the extra mile just to satisfy you and ease you of the stress of looking for professionals. We don’t just list every architect available; we go the extra mile of researching and doing background checks of every professional on our list. All registered architects have an excellent profile.


We only provide you thoroughly researched and proven professionals; so when we tell you that this architect is one of the foremost around you, we know, and we mean every word. Honesty is our only policy. We don’t just rate these professionals with minimum standards but also ensure legal compliance.

Client follow up

All our architects have a minimum of five years experience in the designing, building, installation, and repair of buildings. Most of them have vast portfolios and are ever ready to show them to you on request. They are committed to providing you with only the most qualitative services and top quality materials.

Our priority is to provide the most excellent possible service, so we believe it is of utmost importance to deal with complaints immediately. You will be offered the most suitable resolution step within five days. Sometimes, it may take longer, but we will keep you informed throughout the process. We will try to address your concerns, give you an explanation and discuss any needed action.


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How to pick the best; here's a checklist of the 5 most important questions to ask.

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